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FlyPaperWeb.com is a full service web design, development, SEO/SEM, and internet marketing service provider located in Greenville, SC. Over the past 14 years we have developed a proprietary SEO, website marketing methodologies B2B, B2C, and local strategies. The end results have helped our clients leverage their business Internet presence by dramatically increasing lead generation and e commerce sales by 500 and 600 percent! Our Business is your Online Success! Contact us today for a professional website design, search engine marketing, and SEM/SEO service consultation.

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Website Design & Web Marketing MethodsThe success of your website depends on the use and deployment of four major components. We have developed a highly successful proprietary methodology that spans across many different verticals and include both B2C and B2B websites.If you are just starting a website, building on the right CMS or Ecommerce platform is important.

For an existing website, enabling website reporting, using ROI based paid and social marketing tools, and deployment of website usability conversion rate optimization are have major importance. We use many of the same technologies and tools fortune 500 companies deploy.

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Everything starts with get more quality visitors to your website. The acquisition of new victors are the backbone to reach your online goals and your internet success. Our 2 prong approach first examines the all of the current traffic that are sending people to your website.

We then break down each of your current traffic sources and their quality offer suggestions and or implement changes to improve these sources and look for new channels to extend your visibility and reach to new customers.

Driving more and targeted traffic to your website is only half the battle; you also need your visitors to take some sort of specific action. Often there are barriers that prevent users from taking these actions and conversion goals.

We start by identifying your end conversion goal(s) (i.e sales, downloads, form fills, phone calls, etc.), make sure we have ways to measure the goals and then make changes to break down the conversion barriers and open hidden opportunities to increase your bottom line.

According to new research it is 5 times more costly for a business to acquire a new customer than it is to retain them. So what makes a user come back to a website?

No different than brick and mortar business you want to establish a long term relationship with your customers. We find these opportunities to help you create brand loyalty and encourage your customers to be ambassadors for your company.

What degree does your marketing plan succeed? Have you developed strong reporting and KPI’s to gain insights to what is successful and what is just waste?

Internet marketing has become more of a science than an art and at the heart of this is reporting and analytics. Making use of your website’s analytic data to identify, segment, and optimize marketing initiatives and channels is the key to long term growth and your business success.

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Why Online Shoppers Recommended Retailers ?

Consumer recommendations are an ever important for any online retailer. So what drives shoppers to recommend and share an online retailer’s product or service with friends and co-workers? Below are the top 4 reasons, along with their percentages, why online shoppers will recommend shopping at an online store. (Source: ComScore.com)

Free Shipping
Receive Order On Time
Free Returns
Easy Returns/Exchanges